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Life Changing (Books)

As the holidays are quickly upon us, you may be rushing to finish your shopping list!

What better gift can someone receive than a book?

Especially since it can now be ordered online and shipped anywhere, even wrapped in a bow. More importantly, it could be a gift that just might change someone’s life!

Reading is a great way to soak up some knowledge while also taking a break from every day life. Getting started can be a bit of a hassle, finding time, finding focus, etc., but once you are in (the book) you can embark on a journey through graphic words, creating a vivid semi-reality in your mind and maybe even senses. Turning pages eagerly to see what will happen next is something I have always enjoyed!

So to share some of my favorites in hopes that it can help someone else, I created a list of books that have changed my life. Perhaps it may give you an idea for a present or you may use it to embark on your own magical literal journey. Either way, I hope you find it useful.

1. Embraced by the Light , Betty J. Eadie-

A friend of mine gave me this book, or maybe I just took it, either way it was the first book that really changed my life. It was a very simple read, I think I finished it in a few days. A true story of how

Eadie died during an operation but was brought back to life. Not only does she remember a ton, but she documented everything. It was a detailed, amazing journey. I felt it answered a lot of questions we all have about death and dying. I later found that a lot of other near death experiences sounded similar, however here, Betty asked “God” or who she believed was God, questions and got answers! She encountered her life review and was shown “Heaven”. It was unlike anything I read, you really felt as if you went on the journey with her. I was so taken by this book that I gave it as gifts quite a few times. A must read! Also first book to start me on my journey.

2. Anatomy of an Illness, Norman Cousins- I read this back in college when we had to choose a book, probably from a list, for one of my Sociology or Psychology classes. The Author claimed to have cured his life threatening disease with Ascorbic Acid and laughter, which would have otherwise resulted in death. To wrap it up quickly, Cousins described his magical cure, which included leaving the hospital (hospital rooms are too depressing), checking into a hotel and created his own therapy by

constantly watching comedy films, to make himself laugh and cheer him up, as well as excessive amounts of Intravenous Vitamin C. He claims he cleared out all disease and felt great! Of course there is more detail in the book, which is why you should read it for yourself. It was a good, quick read, and even though it may not have made me truly believe (yet) that deadly diseases could be cured that easily, it did open that door in my brain, which changed my life.

3. Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch

I couldn’t have picked up this book at a better time in my life and how I even got a hold of it? I have no clue. I had lost both my parents a few years prior to reading this, and at the time I was going through a divorce while raising an 18-month-old baby on my own. This book was my saving grace. There were three (3) separate books to the series, at the time, and I think I only read two, but I guess that was all I needed. In the book, Neale explains how he asks God questions and waits for the answers. The information in the book seemed very believable, comforting actually. It made me realize, we shouldn’t judge ourselves so hard and cleared up a lot of misconceptions about Religion and God. I was born and raised Catholic, which later turned to Christianity and eventually, Spirituality. I had a lot of Religious beliefs from the church carved into my head. This book not only assisted in opening my awareness outside of religion, also helped me immensely through a trying time. Realizing we are all connected to source and there is a voice inside us all gave, me solace. Great book(s) for anyone going through Trauma.

4. The Only Astrology Book You will Ever Need, Joanna Martine Woolfolk-

I know this seems like a weird one to throw in here, not really a book you will read cover to cover, but this IS my list of life-changing books and change my life it did! The thing about this book is I had picked it up around 1998, 1999, 2000. The Internet was not what it is today so astrology information was not so easy to come by. Yes, I grew up reading my horoscope, like most of us, but this book was a sequel to that. Discussing Sun Signs, Moon Signs, Rising signs, Houses, Sectors, Charts all in detail. I read all about myself after doing my own chart, every little nook and cranny. I then carried this book around with me and did everyone else’s Astrology charts too. There were parts in this book that described people’s early childhood or physical features and it was ALWAYS correct. It was fun and interesting. It made me realize we are far greater than what we were made to believe!

5. Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution, Dr. Robert Atkins- Having worked for Dr. Atkins and Atkins Nutritional for 4 years, I learned so much about the body and breakdown of illnesses, diseases, as well as what we became accustomed to putting and not putting in our bodies. Starving yourself of basic nutrients, because fast food is easier, not getting the health into your system because most products were laced with chemicals such as aspartame and natural dyes, and loading up on sugar to get through

each day, were all things that absolutely stopped for me thank you to the late and great Dr. Robert Atkins. This book explains in detail how to go about starting and staying on the Atkins Low-Carb Diet. There is a whole science to it and although nothing is perfect, he was able to significantly reduce client’s diabetes, heart conditions and even cancer. As an employee we often received training and education on the Atkins diet and background. No matter what department you were in, you were given the information and knowledge. Dr. Atkins' true intention was to help everyone become healthier without pharmaceutical poisons. You are capable of healing your own body in many ways and this was one of the ways that has been proven to work over and over again. Life Saving.

6. The Law of Attraction, the Basics of the Teachings of Abraham, Jerry & Esther Hicks -

I actually cheated on this one; I didn’t read it, I listened to it. I prefer to read because I feel like I miss too much when I listen (mind wanders), but this was different. Jerry Hicks and his wife Esther recorded it, and hearing it in their own words really was important. I became interested in the topic of Law of Attraction when the whole “The Secret” phenomena started in around 2006. If you are not aware it was a movie/book created by a woman named Rhonda Byrne discussing the Universal Law of Attraction. You get what you think about. Basically, the movie was short and sweet, advising to think positive, believe in what you want and give gratitude….good things have to happen to you. HA! Wasn’t really working, so a few years later I did some research. Which led me to Esther Hicks & Abraham. Rhonda’s 'The Secret' was actually based on the teachings of Abraham, that was her source. So I figured better to hear it from the horses mouth and I started listening to Esther & Jerry. There are many universal laws (which is a blog for 2020) and the Law of Attraction is just one of them. In this book, Jerry and Esther describe how they met, how they started meditating, what started happening and how they connected with higher sources to relay information on navigating this life and the energetic vibrations that create our reality. I am still a huge fan of Esther, Jerry passed away a few years ago, and I have seen them in person at workshops as well as still listen to many of their audios. It is the basis of how I now live. It has not only changed my life, but also more importantly helped my life. I feel I have a better grasp on the understandings of my existence because of this encounter.

7. The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth, Dolores Cannon-

My understanding of reality jumped to a whole new level (dimension). This book was derived from hundreds of sessions with hundreds of clients from hundreds of places. Dolores was a hypnotist back in the 70’s, she worked on past life regression, which is working with client’s and their disorders, addictions or illnesses, that were believed to have been created and carried over from other lifetimes. Premise is, you heal and clear those up, your issues or illnesses in this lifetime would also be cleared. She helped heal a lot of people over decades using this process. When a client was under hypnosis and in a deep state of trance, Dolores believed she was connecting with their higher selves, which she termed the “Subconscious”. Being a hypnotist myself, we know now that is not the correct term. She was actually connecting with the God or Source within each of us, the all knowing, so to say. If you ever heard of the Akashic Records, it’s similar to that. Belief we are all connected to the ultimate

library of resources and knowledge. All the information is there for you, you just have to tap into it. That is what Cannon’s work was doing. Having clients clear their conscious mind and align with their higher selves through a hypnotic state is how information and guidance was revealed. She started to see patterns. Similar information about such things as Aliens, other Dimensions, planets, galaxies and life on this planet and others, were touched on. I have read more books than I am listing here, many more and I have heard similar descriptions from different Authors over different time periods that leads me to believe a huge majority of what was being reported is true. What was being said resonated with my own beliefs deep down. I then went on to read Convoluted Universe, which there are several parts and my mind keeps expanding!

8. The Journey from Abandonment to Healing, Susan Anderson- This book was more of a confirmation of my own beliefs and ideas of healing rather than an awakening or life changing experience. However, if I would have read this book back when I needed it, I feel it would have been extremely important. Susan Anderson as an expert in Abandonment, devoted 30 years to her Psychotherapy work and researching victims of abandonment trauma, grief and loss. She in turn put together an outline for healing. “ Through extensive clinical research, group work, and scientific study, she has developed a treatment protocol specific to overcoming the impact of abandonment trauma in adults and children.” The detail and extensive information alongside real life clients’ discussions, was

very helpful. The one thing an Abandonment Trauma Victim wants more than anything is to feel as if they belong and are understood. This book did both for me. I have since realized that we all have some level of abandonment issues. The more clients I see in my hypnosis practice, the more obvious it is. Statistics show that more than 60% of youth ages 17 and younger have been exposed to crime, violence and abuse either directly or indirectly. Abuse can also refer to absentee parents, workaholic parents, being shunned from your peers or having a childhood illness where you are isolated. This may not always be documented as abuse, however it does cause the same feelings and issues during child development. Shame, not feeling worthy and loved, being ignored or overlooked are all issues that causes a break in a child’s growth and development. This crack and inability to develop with a strong sense of comfort and confidence, will affect them their whole lives unless healed. Definitely worth the read if you feel any sort of childhood trauma or disconnection.

9. Home with God: In a Life that Never Ends, Neale Donald Walsch- Yes this author is on here twice, that is because his books effected me deep down. After reading this book I was in state of awe. Granted, some parts of the book and some discussions are a little out there, which is right up my ally. If this had been one of the first books I read, I may not have resonated with like I did later on. However reading all the books and knowing the things I know leading up to this book helped immensely. I give this book to people that have lost significant someone’s and feel it should be a required read in schools. It’s not religious at all, but more of an assistance in opening up of our minds to inter-dimensional realities. I remember reading a part of the book and had to take a minute because it literally blew my mind. Aside from the woo woo stuff, the basis of the book is all about death and dying and answered so many questions we all have. Even after the amount of books I have read on these topics, this book actually answered it all. I felt content with the whole dying topic after completing this read. Like Im OK, we are OK, everything will be OK. That feeling is not easy to acquire after losing someone, so this book is a must for people in grief.

10. The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium, Jim Humble

Many periods of my life I spent doing research and reading on alternative cures and remedies. I stopped taking any pharmaceutical and over the counter medications over 10 years ago including antibiotics, Tylenol and even aspirin. I firmly believe if a disease is created, along with it a natural cure is also created (and not in a Lab). So I used holistic remedies for years. One day through my researching, I stumbled upon Jim Humble, he is said to have found how chlorine dioxide eradicated Malaria, a deadly disease that is transferred by Mosquitos in subtropical regions that invades red blood cells.

Being that I started reading and following his information in 2010, more of his information was available then. Now, his information and research and DOCUMENTED cases, are often censored or misconstrued for unjust reasons usually by the FDA or Pharmaceutical Industries, which are one in the same (more on that in another blog). Even so, I found and continued to follow his research, read his book and watched his videos. It all made perfect sense and I am a believer. Not only was it curing Malaria but almost everything else as well. Tumors, HIV, Hepatitis, Diabetes even the common cold. Research is now showing it is curing Autism! As I am now watching this magical mineral solution heal someone I love, just as they say it does, I am thankful for knowing this exists. We are not completely out of the woods yet, so more on this later. However, even if you don’t want to follow Jim Humble for whatever reason, please still do your research on heath and wellness so that when you need something you have resources. This book not only changed my life but also saved my life.

Well there you have it, I am sure there will be many more, but these books touched on significant changes in my life. That could be the reason they were life changing, perhaps, because my life was literally changing. However I believe we do the most growth when we are going through trauma. How you deal, or don’t deal with it will shape your future self, as well as your reality. I do believe in fate, fated connections, fated circumstances and yes even fated books, movies and music. What’s meant to be will find its way to you!

Happy Holidays, stay safe and in a state of Love for as long and as often as possible! <3

If you have read any of these books or want to share your comments on it, even add your own life changing books, please feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line! xoxo