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Danielle Tasso, BS, CHt is a Certified Hypnotist, spiritual thought leader, and the founder of Ocean Hypnosis since 2010.  After completing a Bachelors in Psychology, Danielle earned her Certification as a Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists.

In her private hypnosis practice, Danielle helps people resolve trauma around many disturbing experiences including: addictions, abandonment, abuse, depression, and emotional stress.

Specializing in Age & Past Life Regression and Inner Child Healing Hypnosis, Danielle was featured as an expert on Mysteries Decoded: The Montauk Project, which aired on the CW. (see below)

Having gone through many traumatic situations in her own life, Danielle feels blessed to be able to understand and relate to many of her clients’ issues. She is very passionate about health, wellness, and the power of the subconscious mind. As an intuitive Tarot Card reader and energy healer, her abilities to help you succeed are second to none.


Danielle’s techniques provide relief to her clients on a deep level. Her programs, sessions, and approach to therapy are created with a common goal in mind: Self Love! Danielle believes whole-heartedly that by encouraging a client’s growth from the inside out, building self-love, self-respect, and the ability to be in alignment, it is possible to establish a long-lasting sense of true joy and happiness.

"I went in for help with my extreme medical phobia....Going to the dentist, doctor’s office, having my blood pressure taken, watching anything medical related on T.V. These were all a huge issue and created massive stress in the past. However, after working with Danielle, my latest dentist appointment was like no other. Eyes were open and I removed my headphones. I stayed calm the entire time. I can participate in medical conversations and watch injections. Thank you!" Ricky M.

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