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Stop putting it off, get on track today. Hypnosis will help you quit smoking with zero side effects!

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~ Grief
~ Depression
~ Abandonment 
~ Other Trauma

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Quit Smoking after 30 years!

I was a bit skeptical but  had no other option.  Not only was it an amazing experience I have been smoke free for over 1 year! Didn't even gain a pound!

~ Elise, Manorville, NY 

Working with Danielle on my Deep Rooted Abandonment Issues has basically saved me! I had been in therapy for years with little to no results! After just the FIRST session I felt a huge shift and change in my thinking and behavior! 

~ MaryEllen, Montauk,

The Past life Regression Session

I received was amazing, got rid of chronic pains in my neck and back and I now feel so much lighter and happier overall! 


~JJ, Moriches, NY