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Healing Package

Feeling down, drained, fearful? Well try our Healing Package which includes two (2)  healing hypnosis and two (2) meditation tracks. Guaranteed to increase your energy, erase fears and worries, while putting you in a better mood with a more positive aspect.


Our Healing via Earth Meditation will erase all your worries and fears, increase your immunity (yes you can program your body to heal!) while putting you in a more relaxed, peaceful state! This was originally created to help the fear over the pandemic.


Our Seasonal Affect Disorder Meditation was created for the long winter months where the daylight is shorter and much colder. This can have a negative affect on a lot of people adding to sadness or depression. With this recording after even just one listen you will start to feel better. You can listen to this anytime of the year.


Staying in the Now is a hypnosis track and should be listened to when you will not be disturbed and first thing in the morning or the last thing at night. It's great for over active minds, anxiety, and depression, as it helps you to focus on the present moment and create gratitude. It works


White Light Healing Hypnosis is a full body-healing track. You can use this if you are achey, have allergies, joint pain, headaches, soar muscles, really anything. You will use the white light to clear out anything not in your highest and best to allow for healing and love and abundance. Our mind, body, soul and 3d reality are all created. Heal one and your are helping to heal them all!


~Healing via Earth Meditation

~Seasonal Affect Disorder Hypnosis

~Staying in the NOW

~White Light Healing Hypnosis

Healing Package

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