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Are you starting to feel energy, maybe yours, maybe others around you? Perhaps you are starting to be more in tune with your intuition or stepping into a role where you are helping others. Whatever brought you here, you are in the right place!

Our Awakening Package is full of beneficial hypnosis and meditation tracks to help keep YOU on track!


Our Ascension Meditation will help you not only to connect with your higher self but also with any guides or loved ones or ascended masters that may want or need to interact with you. This can be used a few times or regularly to increase your abilities and ease of these connections. Just like with anything, practice makes perfect.


Energy Protection Meditation is perfect for learning and putting into practice the ritual of protecting your own energy. This will allow your energy to easily flow but prevents you from absorbing other people and situational energies. This is a great, easy, way to protect yourself and will end the draining feelings you may get around certain people or situations. It can also help with anxiety, stress, feeling wiped out!


Happy Hypnosis is a fun, upbeat hypnosis track to allow you to vibrate at a higher frequency and generate a more optimistic, upbeat, cheerful energy. This will in turn create more harmonious experiences around you. Keep this one in your toolbox close to you, as it’s a quick, simple way to stay in alignment and keep your vibration high!


Pineal Gland Clearing Meditation is a great way to clear out and keep your chakras running smoothly with extra emphasis on your third eye and pineal gland! Doing so will help to decalcify your gland while opening up avenues of clarity, intuition, and an overall sense of wellbing.  This is also a great recording to keep with you and do on the regular.  Doing so will keep your chakras and pineal gland in supreme working order.


~Ascension Meditation

~Energy Protection Meditation

~Happy Hypnosis

~Pineal Gland Clearing Meditation


Awakening Package

$44.11 Regular Price
$35.29Sale Price
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