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Do you need assistance finding or staying on your path?

Are you feeling unmotivated or unsure of how to get what you desire?

Are you struggling with confusion & feeling overwhelmed?

Are you constantly stressed, anxious or depressed and not sure why?

Do you need help with love, work or family relationships?

Are you looking to create new positive lasting changes?

Are you tired of putting your life off?

Life Coaching Sessions
Sessions are available in-office, on-line or via phone,  and recommended weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
Danielle uses Intuitive Guidance, Tarot, Meditation, Manifestation Techniques and Self Hypnosis to help guide you on your path.

Setting goals and creating a plan to meet those goals is our primary objective. Encompassed with clearing any blockages, aligning your energy, empowering chakra centers and connecting with your Higher Source all aid in helping and keeping you on your path.  
These Sessions will create a strong foundation, direction and accountability for you to move forward and finally...
Live the Life You Love

One-on-One Mentoring Session for dealing with grief, depression, addictions, family problems, work related- finding your passion, attracting love and/ or money, sexuality, spirituality, and more. 
Get your consultation and contact me today to see how I can help. 
Our Mentoring Sessions are available in person, on-line or by phone and recommended weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  Setting goals and creating a plan to meet those goals is our primary objective, coupled with clearing blockages, aligning your energy, and tuning into the frequency of that you desire.  
These Sessions will create a foundation of solid tools to enable you to
Live the Life You Love!

Questions? Book a Free 15-min Consult 
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