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  • Self Care Package

Self Care Package


Now is the time to put yourself on the top of your list with this amazing self care package.  Filled with self loving and empowering hypnosis & meditation tracks to fill you up with all that self love, heal any anger issues to be in a more peaceful state of mind all while connecting to where you are at the present time and be in joy & appreciation. You can see and feel instant changes in your body mind and soul. 



  • Anger Release Hypnosis- We all have those days and thoughts, but if you find yourself getting angry easily or holding onto negative feelings this will help you to reprogram your subconscious into a more joyful state. Once you do that you will attract better feelign situations and experiences. You will ease your anger AND have less to be angry about, its a win win. 
  • Self Esteem Hypnosis- We all could use more self love and this track will do just that.  Allow yourself to be brought into a space of self love and caring, feeling good about who you are and focusing on all those things that make you truly special. You deserve all the love you give to everyone else and now you can have it. 
  • Staying in the Now Hypnosis- Staying in the Now is a hypnosis track and should be listened to when you will not be disturbed and first thing in the morning or the last thing at night. Its great for over active minds, anxiety and depression, as it helps you to focus on the present moment and create gratitude. When we are anxious or worrying we are living in the future, when we are sad or regretful, we are living in the past. Staying in the now allows us to rid ourselves of anxiey and depression. This session will reprogram your subconcious to be present and grateful.

These tracks will help to propell you into a different vibration where you will feel calmer, happier, and really start to love all of who you are. Dont wait, you deserve it 

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