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  • The Healing Package

The Healing Package


The Healing Hypnosis Down is designed to help you overcome negative emotions and increase your energy levels. This digital download includes two powerful hypnosis tracks and two meditation tracks that are specifically designed to help you erase fears and worries while putting you in a better mood with a more positive outlook on life.



  • White Light Healing Hypnosis- Whether you are looking to align more with your higher self, bring more light and connection to your life or want to heal more of your physical body, this session will provide all that and more. You will literally feel as if you are glowing with white light. White light healing hypnosis is a full body-healing track. You can use this if you are achey, have allergies, joint pain, headaches, soar muscles, really anything. You will use the white light to clear out anything not in your highest and best to allow for healing and love and abundance.
  • Happy Hypnosis- Did you know you can reprogram your subconscious to be happier more of the time? well you can. Did you also know that being in a better frame of mind and even laughing heals your body too? well it does and with this fun, upbeat hypnosis track you will be in alignment with joy. Allowing you to vibrate at a higher frequency and generate a more optimistic, upbeat, cheerful energy. This will in turn create more harmonious experiences around you. Keep this one in your toolbox close to you, as it’s a quick, simple way to stay in alignment.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder Meditation- Seasonal Affect Disorder Meditation was created for the long winter months where the daylight is shorter and much colder. This can have a negative affect on a lot of people adding to sadness or depression. With this recording after even just one listen you will start to feel better. You can listen to this anytime of the year.  With this meditation we heal any disruptions or changes we are going through to bring more balance and serenity to our lives


With The Healing Hypnosis Download, you can easily access these tracks from the comfort of your own home and start your journey toward healing and transformation today.

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