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Are you new to Meditation? 

Do you need help relaxing and clearing your mind?

Do you suffer from Anxiety or Negative Thinking?

Try our FREE Guided Meditaiton to help clear out your mind as you focus on your breathing.  This short 10 minute mindful meditaiton can have amazing effects if you incorporate into your daily life.  Listen first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening for lasting effects.

This item is free Use Coupon Code: Guidedmed when checking out 


Meditation is proven to:

~Reduce Stress

~Control Anxiety

~Promote Well-Being

~Enhance Self-Awareness

~Lengthen Attention Span

~May boost your Health & Healing

~May Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss

~Help to feel Happier 

~Improve Sleep


Guided Meditation

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