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  • Body Shape Program

Body Shape Program


Ready to get healthy, shed unwanted pounds, feel stronger and happier in your own skin? This program will do all that and more as it is chock full of hypnosis, meditations, writing exercises to get and keep you on track. The body shape program is so simple and easy to use and I promise you will love it. 

Each week you will listen to a different hypnosis session. Listen every day first thing in morning with headphones for best results. 

Here is what is included:

Week One- Clearing out the Cubbards!
We start here & work on clearing out your (imaginary) food pantry, getting rid of cravings & addictions of the sweet, salty and just overall unhealthy food items!We are also going to energetically, hypnotically form your New Body! 
Week Two- Remove Blocks!
Welcome to the Second Week of your New Life! Here we are going to clear out any and all blocks that have been holding you back or preventing you from obtaining the body you have always dreamed of!! Time to let this go and release your fears, worries and comfortablity with your weight! You Deserve to Feel Good, Look Good and be Healthy!
Week Three- Metabolism Boost!
Now lets work on giving your metabolism a boost...Now lets work on giving your metabolism a boost...Your body is controlled by your mind so lets work on creating exactly what you want and how you
want it to perform. You will be burning those unwanted calories easily!
Get that motivation to be more physical and conscious of all your activities!
With Hypnosis you will be burning calories around the clock!


Weight Loss Meditation- you can listen to this anytime throughout the day or when you are feeling you need extra support. This calming meditation will help keep you on track.


Excersise Motivation Hypnosis- You can use this for week 4 to help you stick to your new eating habits and burn any extra weight or help tone and stregthen your body. 


Downloads to tracks, Instructions and Writing excercises are sent immediately after purchase so you can get started straight away. Just 21 days to a whole new mind & body. 

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