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  • Abundance Manifestation Package

Abundance Manifestation Package


Are you looking for a better income?  Perhaps you want to get out of debt or maybe finally buy that house you are dreaming of?  Maybe you are just looking for a new life filled with abundance?  If so, this is the program for YOU!


Believe it or not, your dreams all start with what you believe to be true, your ability to accept those things, topped with a continual flow of joy and excitement.  You can have the life you dreamed..and it isn’t as hard as you think!!



  • Money Hypnosis- This track is going to reprogram your subconscious mind to be in a vibration of abundance as opposed to lack.  Creating a new voice of prosperity while allowing all that is desired to easily flow into your life. Listen ONCE a day for at least 21 days for best results!

  • Abundance Meditation- Listen to your meditation recording anytime day, or night as this session will allow you to see, hear, feel abundance all around you. Manifestations are all created in our energy and then we align with that vibration and see our desires. This track will help you to be in that vibration more of the time, and it will make you feel good :) 

  • New Moon Manifestation Meditation- You can listen to this meditaiton any time of the month but it is more powerful within 48 hours after each new moon. This track allows you to connect emotionally to your desires and double that with the powerful new moon energy. You probably will want to listen to this all month. 


If you’re ready to make the commitment to change your income, wealth and abundance then do not hesitate and order now!


  • Included:

    Ascension Meditaiton

    Energy Protection Meditation

    Happy Hypnosis

    Pineal Gland Clearing Meditation

    Our Ascension Meditation will help you not only to connect with your higher self but also with any guides or loved ones or ascended masters that may want or need to interact with you. This can be used a few times or regularly to increase your abilities and ease of these connections. Just like with anything, practice makes perfect.

    Energy Protection Meditation is perfect for learning and putting into practice the ritual of protecting your own energy. This will allow your energy to easily flow but prevents you from absorbing other people and situational energies. This is a great, easy, way to protect yourself and will end the draining feelings you may get around certain people or situations. It can also help with anxiety, stress, feeling wiped out!

    Happy Hypnosis is a fun, upbeat hypnosis track to allow you to vibrate at a higher frequency and generate a more optimistic, upbeat, cheerful energy. This will in turn create more harmonious experiences around you. Keep this one in your toolbox close to you, as it’s a quick, simple way to stay in alignment and keep your vibration high!

    Pineal Gland Clearing Meditation is a great way to clear out and keep your chakras running smoothly with extra emphasis on your third eye and pineal gland! Doing so will help to decalcify your gland while opening up avenues of clarity, intuition, and an overall sense of wellbing. This is also a great recording to keep with you and do on the regular. Doing so will keep your chakras and pineal gland in supreme working order.

  • This program includes hypnosis, meditation and music tracks.  

    Instructions & Homework included

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