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Will the Real New Year Please Stand Up.

Growing up in the Western World, you have probably been sheltered from other countries traditions, rituals, history. Perhaps you have done readings & research, or have family from other origins, which allows you to know more of their history. For those of you who don't I would like to present to you some, around the world, New Year's Practices & Folklore.

Feb 9th- 25th, 2024

Starting with The Lunar New Year, aka Chinese New Year.

Just like watching the ball drop in good ole New York City on Dec. 31st, the Lunar New Year in China is amongst the most popular and most celebrated. The main differences however, this is a celebration that lasts more than one day/night as well as it coincides with the actual shifting of the energy of the Moon. Lunar New Year isn't a date set in stone, its a cycle, so the date varies yearly, but it is the first New Moon in the Lunar Calendar. It is a 15 day festival, celebrated with opening & closing ceremonies, including fireworks, dancing ,costumes, & rituals. It is amongst the largest in Asian cultures but most commonly recognized in Chinese History

March 19, 20 or 21

Spring Equinox & Astrological New Year

The Spring equinox, also marking the start of the Astrological calendar begins with Aries season. Celebrated as the Sun crosses the equator and brings about longer warmer days in the Northern Hemisphere, this is a time for planting, rejoicing, dancing around the fire, even healing ceremonies, as we clear out the winter dull drums.

Some traditions celebrating this truly fitting New Year include Iranians, Persians, Indigenous tribes, and all astrology girls.

July 25, 26

The Mayan New Year or Planetary New Year

The day out of time, is known as the start of the new planetary cycle. This is where the earth realigns with Galactic time to begin a new cycle of ascension. This is the really real New Year as it closes out the cycle of the original 13 month calendar also known as the Mayan Calendar. If you are a sky watcher, this marks the alignment of our planet with Sirius, central sun, our sun, & Orion bringing about new cycles of energies. 8/8 Lions gate, which is the peak of this New Year is celebrated by many spiritual communities around the globe including Islamic Culture.

October 24, 25

Diwali & Rosh Hashanah

Diwali, the Hindu celebration marks the night of the darkest new moon or amavasya, using a 5 day festival of lights. Celebrators use these lights to welcome in new energies of prosperity & love.

Where as Rosh Hashanah is the Hebrew New Year starting their calendar. A period of reflection & forgiveness.

It's always a New Year celebration Somewhere :)

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