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Why is Sound so Healing?

Sound baths have taken the spiritual community by storm, however it is nothing new to use sound and music to heal the mind, body, & soul.

Since ancient times, Greece, Egypt, India and other civilizations including most, if not all, indigenous communities throughout the world, have been using the benefits of sound. The use of singing bowls, chanting, and tuning forks helps to promote a harmonious environment for the body to heal itself.

Sound Bath or Sound Healing is not limited to singing bowls or tuning forks. In fact listening to or singing music, dancing, meditating, and playing an instrument are all ways we can benefit from the healing advantages of music.

But WHY does it work?

There are a number of different modalities for sound healing using diverse instruments, technique & implementation. So each can have its own unique results.

Most of the benefits of sound healing can help with one or more of the following;

  • anxiety/depressions

  • grief & trauma

  • behavioral and psychiatric disorders

  • lowers stress & blood pressure

  • decreases mood swings

  • improves sleep

  • Physical pain

Regardless of what type of sound healing you engage with, one thing they all have in common is vibration. When you are syncing your energy, your body is vibrating to that of a certain note or tune, and you are aligning with that frequency.

As I have been using frequency tones in my hypnosis practice for years, different vibrations heal different ailments. SO when your vibration aligns to that of a healing frequency, then the result is well... healing. Its sort of like osmosis or being in the right place at the right time. Every cell, membrane, nerve ending and of course chakra center are all dancing to the same song and what that song is promoting is what you will benefit.

For example, music played at a

40Hz frequency is linked to `gamma brain waves and the stimulation of memory, therefore this tone can

help with dementia

369 Hz frequency is associated with being one of the "Solfeggio frequencies" which is a series of tones in sacred music used as medicine. Each of the Solfeggio frequencies holds a different positive effect on `human health. 369 helps remove guilt, balances root chakra & transforms negative emotions into positive ones.

432 Hz frequency is that of the heart chakra and listening to this tone leads to greater emotional clarity.

This list goes on and on and on, as the

re are limitless amounts of tones and frequencies, but the fact remains the same, it is healing.

If you have never been to a sound bath before or engaged in any sort of music therapy specifically for healing, please try it. You will literally feel your cells vibrating to the frequency of healing. Its a great alternative to the pharmacy ;)

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