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Wanna meet your Inner Child?

Your inner child is your soul self, your subconscious mind, your young spirit, and that image you have of yourself when you reminisce on past experiences, good AND not so good. If we are not connected to this aspect of ourselves, if we shame our inner child, do not listen to the needs and desires, or we bully this part of us into being stronger or smarter, we are adding to the distance and discord.

No matter how you were raised or what you were taught, it is your responsibility to love this depth of your inner self. That child part, that innocent energy, that seedling, who needed love and protection but was not able to receive it, nor had the tools to do it for themselves at the time, needs you now.

Unfortunately a lot of us walk around with a horrible feeling inside, maybe not every minute of every day, but a lot of times. We may run from confrontation, we may shy away from love and affection, we may get angry at others way to easily due to this pain we hold inside. It can hurt, it can cause us to miss great opportunities and it can lead us to a life of regret and loss. However healing this part of ourselves is not that difficult, we just haven't been taught the right ways to go about it.

The ways we have been taught only cause more harm and detachment.

~Being conditioned to adjust to such issues can include drinking or prescription drugs, to get out of that state of mind & detach.

~Constantly being in a relationship to try to feel loved and accepted.

~Choosing to be alone as to not have to compromise or work with another, or just protecting yourself .

~Overworking or overexercising to feel worthy and achieve that gratification.

All of these may work at some point, but its not solid, it allows you to rely on something else to feel good. Which creates the issue- if these circumstances no longer are present then you no longer have the ability to feel good.

You are allowing your own well being to be in the hands of others.

Wouldn't it be nice to be in complete control of how you feel?

Be proud and loving of yourself no matter what? Get high on life, to have equal energy relationships (give and take) and not obsess over money or looks?

Wouldn't it be nice to feel good from the inside out most of your time and know that when something comes up that is a little hard to deal with not look to a bottle or the bed or any other instant remedy?

I know it sounds crazy, maybe even too good but you CAN feel better about yourself and find true love within. You can be your own best friend and release hurt and pain and anger. You can let go of addictions, toxic relationships and over extending or over working yourself. In other words you can find peace and serenity.

This isn't a quick fix and it might not work for everyone, real inner child healing comes from doing the work consistently and it can take time. I was lucky to find hypnosis and encompass all that it can be as I have created an inner child healing program that is amazing, but if you aren't ready for that, here are some ways you can start the inner love journey that can at least give you some relief.

  • Appreciate that you have a small self, and connect with that inner child

  • Get into the habit of seeing yourself as a child and wanting and needing to protect that child (like you would for any child)

  • Connect with and consider your true needs and desires

  • Speak to yourself with compassion, kindness, and understanding

  • Take time to respond to quarrels, queries, and decisions by tuning into your emotions

  • Breathe deeply often

  • Hug yourself, especially when you are sad or angry

Every step you take back to your inner child, is a step in the right direction, No one in this world deserves more of your love and attention than you do!!!

Try to be kinder and go out of your way for you..

If you have questions or want to discuss please reach out,

I have free 15 min phone calls available you can schedule.

or email me at :)

You can build a deeper connection with your inner child to create a harmonic life while respecting and loving your own body & soul.

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