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What is Love?

Wether you have been committed to one person most of your life or you have had many different relationships, one thing is for sure... everyone has their own individual experiences and lessons learned when it comes to matters of the heart. Maybe you have encountered a Karmic Relationship or two, perhaps it was a Soul Connection, maybe you are one of the lucky (or unlucky) ones to have experienced a Twin Flame, or perhaps you are surrounded by your Soul Family. Every experience and relationship we have, enters our lives for a reason. Sometimes it's to grow, sometimes it's to heal, sometimes it's to help others.

Check out my list of Spiritual Encounters to see where your relationships fall.

SOUL MATES: This one has been around for a long time, you read about it in books, see it in movies, watch it on TV. Seems that anyone who has felt love from out of no where can relate to it feeling like it was a Soul Mate Connection. A miracle, a synchronicity, cupids arrow or it was "just meant to be."

Ok Ok Ok, that MAY very well be correct, but what you may not realize is that a SoulMate is not always the happily every after. You see, a lot of times a soul mate will come into your life to propel you forward, change the direction of the wind in your sail, shift you just enough so your life takes on a a whole new path. Soul mates can be very loving and supportive but they can also allow you to change into a different version of yourself, you wouldn't have done on your own.

You meet this person and you click, you have things in common, you "get" each other. You think its your forever love and what you have always been waiting for. However maybe this connection is only for the the purpose of waking you up, jump starting your emotions to get you on your divine path. They are here to help you radically grow and most of the time its not meant to be forever. Sometimes its just for you to realized you need to love your own self as much as you felt you loved this encounter. Not realizing this and clinging to a relationship that has served its purpose is what can cause the most pain. What most people should also acknowledge is that a soul mate can also be in the form of a friend, parent, even a child. It can be forever but most likely its just here to serve a purpose and when that purpose has been met, it can be time to move on.

KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS: Sometimes you feel a magnetic connection to another person. Sometimes you feel as if you have known this person from other lives or that they are very familiar to you. That is because you have. Karmic Relationships are relationships that have not been completed from this life or past lives or situations. The purpose of this relationship has not reached the summit and therefore will keep repeating itself until it does. You can have karmic relationship after karmic relationship if you never get the lesson to be learned. These relationships can be toxic or traumatic or downright painful. You may see in your partner all the things you need to heal about yourself, or you may feel that you are being punished for something you did to someone else. Either way, its purpose is not to torture you, but to to repair and mend. This person has come to bring up all the old baggage to the surface so we may clear it out and heal from it. If we don't acknowledge this and do the work, we can get into a rut or a karmic cycle that just keeps repeating and repeating until we finally get tired of the merry go round. The only way to get off is to do the work on our own selves to heal the cycle. Otherwise if you get out of one Karmic Relationship you didn't heal, you will find yourself right back in another.

TWIN FLAMES: This has been getting a lot of notoriety lately and depending on who you talk to or what you read it can be depicted as the most amazing love ever or the worst! The reason is this... a twin flame connection is not very common, it is pretty rare and its not for the weak. It is intended for those souls that want to help humanity as a whole. To create love for their twin, within themselves in order to raise the vibration of the planet and all that surround them. For those of you who don't know, A twin flame is said to be the equal and opposite part of your soul, cells, spirit, etc. We were split into two parts and each half goes through many lives while apart. Some of those lifetimes we have interacted with each other or sometimes they are guiding us from spirit. The connection and love you feel upon meeting your twin flame is unlike anything you have ever or will ever experience. That is because there is ONLY one. It is the rarest connection of all but the most amazing and the most powerful. There is a magnetic pull toward each other that you can not explain and due to this magnetic attraction there is often a lot of time where you will pull together as well as push apart or retract over and over. Our twin is our mirror, showed to us in our shadow. It can cause a runner/chaser phase or phases because the feelings, emotions and truth can be so raw it is frightening. We are forced to take inventory of ourselves and some of us do not want to deal with that so we run. You can experience telepathy with your twin on a constant basis regardless of where you are in the world. You can feel each others emotions, you will know when they are hurting. They may even summon you to reach out to them, either consciously or subconsciously. Its like a spiritual dance but as you do this dance you grow, each and every time you encounter each other you are developing, healing, learning and most of all loving. Twin flame love is the most ultimate, purest unconditional love you can know. It is because of this connection you reach a higher level of consciousness, you ascend, you encounter higher frequencies, you hurt but then you heal better than you have ever. Your heart is pure. You love yourself as you love your twin. When the healing is completed and you are whole, you come back into connection with your twin... if you are one of the lucky ones!

SOUL FAMILY: Everyone that has had any significance in your life is your soul family. We have a group of spirits that we know throughout dimensions. It's the "family" you hear of when someone dies and all the light beings are there and they feel so much unconditional love. These are the people or spirits we make contracts with throughout each of our lifetimes. I will meet you when you are at this

point in your life and I will show you how to do this or I will help you learn this or I will be there just to love you. It could be a common goal you both work at to accomplish or you can help each other develop, I will help you with this and you help me with that, etc. They can be around for a long time or just a minute. It can be a lover, parent, sibling, friend, even a nemesis. You always know when you meet them too, you feel like their family, because they are. Our spirit guides or guardian angels are also part of our soul family. You have some that you go through many lifetimes with over and over. You can be connected to may different soul families just like here on earth. We are not alone, even when we feel alone, we are never alone. We are all part of our soul families, we are all part of a bigger and more amazing connection then we are led to believe. Meditation, walking in nature, giving and helping others will always help put you in direct connection with your loving soul family!

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