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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Everyone has encountered this dilemma at least once in their lives. Stuck in a job you don’t like, In a marriage or relationship not sure is right for you, what if you are being pulled to move to another city or country?

These decisions can be painful to try to make, in the very least difficult.

Personally for me decisions are always difficult. I weigh both sides too much and there is always that what if…? Usually what if …I make the wrong choice.

Every day we have decisions but it is only on special occasions that we really feel a decision is going to change our life entirely. SO, how do you know when that is and even more important how do you make the RIGHT decision?

We are said to have ‘free will’ on this planet and in this lifetime. Which is absolutely the case, you can decided anything you want at anytime you want and although the universe may make a ‘bad’ decision (or choice that is not in your highest interest) much more difficult for you, you still have the option to chose that path. Even though, I have not entirely mastered this yet, and I probably never will, I do want to share with you some key things which helped me to stay on the right path, for the most part anyway!

If you are faced with a difficult decision, here are some tips to keep in mind on making life-changing choices.

1. ASK! Do you know that you are connected to an unlimited plethora of information? Im not talking about the internet, Im talking about your higher self. Just by dialing into your own inner knowledge you can access unlimited amounts of wisdom.

Ever heard of the Akashic Records?

That is just one of the many ways you can tap into all that data. You can start easily by asking yourself the question you need before you go to sleep at night, or writing it down and asking you be directed to the right solution. Then just let yourself be guided. You will be amazed at what appears when you only ask.

2. LISTEN! Listening to your higher self, source, God, your intuition, they are all pretty much the same. When I have issues that I don’t feel are easily resolved or something that will affect my life significantly, the first thing I try to do is Meditate. Clearing your mind will allow the energies of what you want to align and actually reach you. When you clear your mind and just be, you will find that difficult decisions can actually become much clearer as well.

3. WAIT! Like the saying goes, if you don’t know what choice to make, don’t make any. When we are in a state of confusion or feel pressured into one way or the other, things become cloudy and information is not well-defined. We may not have all the information that is needed to make that decision yet. Slow down, breath and wait it out. Sometimes when we do, the decision is made for us.

4. FEEL! Another great way to know if you are making the right decision on almost anything is by your emotions or physical reactions. Your emotions are in place as a map. Does it feel good and make you happy, then go that way. Does it hurt your stomach or make you feel uncomfortable, well maybe don’t go that way. The more you check into your inner compass the easier it will be to detect and steer clear of people, places, and things that are not right for you.

5. BELIVE! The most important thing you can do is trust yourself, even if you are like me and have made stupid mistake after stupid mistake, it’s very easy to stop trusting yourself. The thing is, we are always learning, growing and fine-tuning so if you continue to elevate yourself then you will make better choices. Keep loving yourself and you will make decisions that are in your highest and best interest. We all make mistakes but no matter what you still have to believe and trust yourself!

6. HELP! Its ok to ask for help once in a while, you can ask others their opinion on your situation, I would ask people that I trust and feel are in good places in their own life. Or you can even ask a physic, an intuitive, or tarot reader. I would not tend to go this direction right away but of course you can add it into the information you receive to help make things clearer. Sometimes all you need is a confirmation that what you truly want to choose is correct and someone who has high sensory perception may just be able to confirm that for you.

All in all the choice is always yours to make but if you take your time, clear your mind and really listen to your inner guidance I think you will keep on choosing what is best for you! <3

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