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Self -Sabotage… Are you repeating the cycle?

I am sure you've heard the phrase ‘Self-Sabotaging your own happiness’, or

‘You are stuck in a pattern of constant Self-Sabotage’, but what does that actually mean?

The definition of Sabotage is “an intentional destruction of something” OR “intentionally destroying something.”

Self-Sabotage of course would be destroying your own accomplishments, happiness, etc.

Anyone in his or her right mind would automatically think, I would never intentionally destroy my own happiness or knowingly cause problems in my life!

But guess what? That is EXACTLY what happens.

Here’s Why...

We use our Conscious mind to think, talk, and live our lives on a day-to-day basis. Yet, our Subconscious mind is actually the one that is in complete control! Studies have shown that after constant repetition of a behavior, thought or action, and different studies show different time lines, (ie 10 days, 21 days, 28 days), that behavior thought or action becomes a habit.

Habit by definition means “A recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition. “

SO yes, smoking, drugs, gambling can all become a habit, starts in the conscious mind and through repetition develops into a Subconscious habit. Just like destroying your own happiness and hard work also becomes a habit, after constant trauma, consistent self limiting beliefs or abuse . If deep down in your subconscious thoughts you have inadequate feelings for yourself, you don’t love yourself fully or you don’t feel worthy or deserving, then that subconscious belief will cause you to sabotage yourself.

Every Time!

The reason is everything is energy; you can’t attract a positive high vibrational experience from a low vibration. It’s like trying to watch a Ranger game on MSG while you are tuned into Channel 21. You have to change the dial, change the frequency to be in alignment with what you desire. When we have self-limiting beliefs stuck in our subconscious mind, those habits and patterns will keep causing destruction until it is healed and you may not even realize it.

Here is an example in my own life. I was approached to do a hypnosis session for a TV show, I initially turned it down, telling myself I had another job that day I could never truly make it in time or I am not TV material (self sabotaging beliefs). However my higher consciousness told me I needed to do it. So I did. I was very pleased by the outcome, I have done a lot of work on my own deservability and self love that I truly was able to shine. HOWEVER, I was not sure if it would air and if it did, what they would show. Even up to the night before I still was not 100% sure if I would even be on it. WHY? Because I got into a limiting belief that nothing truly good happens to me OR good things present themselves but then they fall flat . So for a week before that show I worked on changing my beliefs about the outcome. I meditated constantly and told myself on a regular basis ‘the show will air and I would do amazing!’

And guess what.. it DID!

Ok so my hair was not looking too great and I lost about 17 pounds since then, but that was not the point! I have learned to love myself more and not focus on how I looked and more importantly I got over the hump and saw a good event in my life to actual fruition!


People sabotage their own lives by staying in relationships that do not work, or keeping weight on, or saving money to only spend it stupidly, or turning down amazing opportunities (like I almost did). There are a million and one ways to sabotage your own happiness and a lot of it comes from your own thoughts and beliefs about yourself. If you are not talking or thinking to yourself like you are the most amazing person you know, then you should be working on that!

I am worthy

I am deserving

I am amazing and capable

I love myself completely and fully

I accept all good things that come my way

I create a happy, abundant, loving life for myself ever day!

Try adding that into your vocabulary. It’s a small start that can create big changes. Small shifts are where it begins. Acknowledgement is the first step to healing. You can’t heal if you don’t believe there is a problem. So take a minute and look at your life, do you fall into these patterns? Are you truly happy? Do you secretly believe you don’t deserve to have a great life? Are you holding onto past pain and hurt?

If so, think about changing that energy. Trust me it can truly change your life!

If you have any questions or are interested in any of my healing programs or hypnosis sessions, please reach out to me at your convenience.

This life is meant to be joyful

Live the Life You LOVE!

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