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Let's Clean our Pineal Gland?

So for those of you who don’t know, The pineal gland is a small gland located deep in the center of the brain. It derived its name from its pinecone shape.

The main job is to regulate our body's internal clock as it secretes melatonin when it's dark which is what makes you sleepy.

But the pineal gland is also referred to as your third eye, and has been recognized by ancient greeks as far back as 129AD. It has developed a sense of mystery around it in our present world, as some philosopher and scientist initial beliefs about the pineal gland were far off AND it was the last of the endocrine structures to be discovered.

So… Why do I want to talk about this?

Well because of the connection of your pineal gland and your third eye chakra and all the amazing powers that each of us hold.

BUT.. it can be clogged up.. actually it has been purposefully hidden from you and calcified your entire life with things like fluoride…


Well because of the amazing powers you hold, who can control a society of superheros?

However, now that we are in this age of enlightenment and transformation, what better time than any to start wiping off the cobwebs and clearing your connection so that you can continue with your greatness here on earth

What sort of super powers does this small ancient magical bean embrace, you ask?

How about it holds the key to the universe? Clearing it out or “unlocking” it will allow you to utilize your highest potential including:

More clarity,





All while tapping into unlimited knowledge, letting go of ego in order to pursuit our goals.

Amazing right? Sounds a bit like a Sci-Fi movie, and who doesn't love Sci Fi, maybe even more like Luke's Force or Peter Parker's spider or even Thor's the mighty Mjölnir.

No matter what your gift is, your Pineal Gland will ignite it for you.

So to help power you up, I have created a Pineal Gland Meditation that is on my Youtube channel. I felt that you may need this meditation to start the cleansing. We have an amazing Full Super Blue Moon coming showing up in our skies on August 30th at 9:35pm is its official debut. Full moon in Pisces, Super Moon because of the closeness to the earth (only 222,043 miles/357,344 km away) You may not notice it closeness but you WILL notice its brightness, and its called a Blue Moon because it is the second Full Moon in the same month, August. As with any Full Moon energy it is the bestest time to clear stuff out, in the physical and energy bodies. Here is the link, best to listen first thing in morning or last thing at night with headphones. Let me know how you like it :)

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