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Keeping Your Energy in Tact for the Holidays

For the Western World, the Holidays are upon us. Some rejoice, others (such as myself) look for the next flight out of this end of year craziness. No matter what you choose to do for your celebratory time, one thing is universal, keeping yourself in the highest vibration possible. To do so is much more simple than you think.

Just follow these tricks to help make sure you are grounded, aligned, and happy. :)

Grounding: Grounding yourself allows you to keep in alignment and in control of your energy centers.

Why would we do this? The main reason is to allow yourself to be in the flow with the world around you without getting swept away, pushed over, or uprooted. Think about the giant Oak Tree, it sways and moves with the flow of the energy but their really isn't much that could uproot this solid sapling. It is much easier to bend then it is to break. This helps a lot for those with anxiety or social uneasiness.

The easiest and quickest way to Ground Yourself- Take off your shoes and socks, stand on the earths surface for at least 3 min and see in your minds eye your root chakra (located at the base of your spine) to connect with the earths core. Allow the flow of energy from mother earth up through your body as you release your energy and flow down into the earths core.

If you can't get to the earth, you can still do this exercise by just imagining yourself standing on the earth as you imagine you can feel the earth between your feet. It works just as well.

Aligning- Similar to Grounding but working with your chakra centers. Either sitting or laying down, imagine you see your chakra centers all a glow. Starting with the root chakra and working your way up as you imagine you see them all turn on like lights. If you can't imagine it in your minds eye just say the following.

Red Root Chakra activated, grounding & supporting me.

Orange Sacral Chakra guiding me in my passion & creativity

Yellow Solar Plexus filling me with confidence & self assurance

Green Heart Chakra allowing the flow of unconditional love

Blue Throat Chakra speaking my truth and being understood

Indigo Third Eye Chakra allows me to see from a higher perspective

Violet Crow Chakra connecting me to infinite knowledge & understanding

Protection is also very important when around others whom you may be emotionally charged with such as family and loved ones. Most times our family are people in our soul group that we have had many life experiences with in this time and space reality as well as others.

Because of this emotional charge, we can get a little caught off guard, triggered, or moved and not always in positive ways. Family can also have a habit of venting on those close to them or voicing opinions we didn't ask for because its comfortable or safe. To keep yourself aligned and in the flow, protecting your energy is suggested. Doing this before entering into an event is recommended.

Close your eyes and imagine light shinning from the center of your physical body. You can start around the solar plexus or heart chakra. Imagine a white/golden light starting out in a small ball getting bigger and brighter. See it as it expands out ward engulfing your entire physical body and penetrating out through all your energy centers surrounding and protecting you. This allows you to not only protect yourself but to also help uplift others.

I hope this information is helpful and feel free to leave a comment or add how you help to keep yourself in tact over the holidays.


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