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How to Be a Jedi Master

If you are a Star Wars geek like me, you have already seen the final chapter in the series “The Rise of Skywalker". You may have even seen it a few additional times too, because let’s be honest there is nothing better than seeing Star Wars on the big screen.

However, if you are also a spiritual geek like me, you may have realized many episodes ago, the similarities of the Jedi Codes and the path to Enlightenment. I always joke about using my powers of ‘The Force’ but in actuality George Lucas was probably more enlightened than anyone even realizes.

Here’s why…

When we are on a path to enlightenment (or studying to be a Jedi) there are a few things that come into play as you ascend higher.

First and foremost is the realization that it is NOT a battle of good vs. evil (Sith/Jedi) but more of an ability to balance both entities, which seems to be the premise in every Star Wars film 😊 .

We all have our light and dark sides. Accepting and loving both of these entities can be a huge hurdle many of us struggle with. I know I have.

Striving to be perfect, not allowing anyone to see our dark side, even beating ourselves up for not always “living in the light” can be very challenging.

The reason it is most challenging is because we are not created to always live in light, we are not supposed to punish ourselves for the darkness in us. We don’t have to choose to be a Jedi or a Sith, there is a happy medium! THAT is the place we should be striving for. Inner Balance!

Secondly we must remember to use the force (Luke). How amazed where you when you found out about the Jedi Mind Trick? Considering the premise that what we say can physically happen? (e.g. Storm Trooper always releasing us or our captured friends). Guess what? We ALL have the ability to use this power every single day. It’s also called 'the power of positive thinking’ or ‘manifestation’ or ‘what you think about you bring about’ and so on and so on.

This isn’t a concept George Lucas invented, although I love giving him credit. It has been realized throughout history over and over. Dr. Masaru Emoto proved this concept during his scientific experimentation on water molecules. Positive words create positive outcomes; negative words create negative outcomes. “What has put Dr. Emoto at the forefront… is his proof that thoughts and feelings affect PHYSICAL reality” (You can find more about Dr. Emoto here

These are some of the basics to living as a Star Seed. As you grow and develop your Jedi powers, you contend to the Jedi codes as follows:

1. There is no Emotion, there is Peace

In other words- Meditate! Clearing and controlling your mind, thoughts and reactions you have towards someone else's behavior or certain situations is imperative. Committing to staying in a place of peace and happiness; not allowing others to affect your mood. You can be happy regardless of what other people are saying or doing, the choice is always yours.

By doing this you are eliminating emotional connections to people, places or things (co-dependency) and by removing this cause and effect relationship ...“I need a new car to feel important” “I need love form another to feel love” "I'll be happy when Im on vacation"... puts YOU in control of how happy you want to be. Creating happiness for yourself; you are in complete control 100% of the time!

Step one in being in a Jedi.

“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.

2. There is no ignorance, there is Knowledge

Read, research, listen!! Two ears, one mouth sort of thing. You are responsible for what you know and don’t know. The “I didn’t know” excuse is unacceptable for a young Jedi. Actually all excuses are unacceptable for a Jedi. Live in your power, be the knowledge, listen to your higher divine self (the Force). It is more powerful, more enlightened and definitely more educated then your 3D self. Would you turn down a teaching from Obi Won? Or not listen to a wise word from Yoda? I think not, so why would you not listen to your own higher self? In actuality they are one in the same.

3. There is no Passion, there is Serenity. – Ever hear the saying, if you meet someone and your hands get sweaty and your heartbeats fast go the other way that is not the person for you. But if you meet someone that feels like home, feels serene and peaceful, gives off that vibe of tranquility…that is your person.

Passion is great to have when starting a project or job but can be deadly as a Jedi.

Passion is flammable and can ignite at the wrong time causing your inner knowledge and truth to be compromised. After all, it is a strong emotion... and as we learned in Jedi Code #1, there is no place for that!

4. There is no Chaos, there is Harmony. – Not to say that every Jedi should never disagree with another Jedi or anyone else for that matter, but the sole purpose of disagreements (chaos) is to understand each other and their view while finding a middle ground (harmony). If you have reached this place in your Jedi training you probably have already experienced a great deal of chaos that would cause you to jump at the chance of being harmonious. If you see a lot of chaos around you, look inside dear Jedi. It could be something off with you. Go back to Code 1 and start over.

5. There is no Death, there is the Force- We are brainwashed into believing that this is the only life we live, or death is final, when that has never been the case. As Einstein has proven, we are energy & energy is infinite, it is not created nor does it die. The Force= Energy. Let’s take a moment and remember the Force is always with you and will continue for eternity. This concept can be difficult for some of us to grasp, a real Jedi Mind Trick, but once you do realize you are infinite, so are your possibilities...and this makes you a powerful force!

As you can see its not easy being a Jedi Master. It takes many years of training and most likely much trauma and turmoil (have you seen any Star Wars movie, ever?). However the rise up is worth it, using your powers and light to evolve into the amazing soul you truly are is something we believe is worth it or we wouldn’t be here right now!

Take time for yourself and align with your path & your people. You may be tempted to go off in other directions, which will happen, but we find our way home, eventually.

You have the power of the Force with you always, don't forget to use it.

Happy New Year !

May the Force Be With You!

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