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Holidays Again...

Hello and happy thanksgiving,

You are probably getting messages and emails from family, friends, even businesses wishing happiness to you and yours….

Personally, I have never really liked the holiday season; As a teenager, I lost both my parents to cancer right before thanksgiving so it’s always been hard for me.

It never goes away.... or is that the lesson?

I had a child of my own, but never my own big family so I always felt like sort of a loner.

Who is going to invite us for Thanksgiving this year kind of a thing or where can we run off to?

Fortunately, now I have people that since adopted me and my son for the holidays, and I am so grateful for them, truly truly truly grateful!

The point of this post is not to bring up any sadness, but more of how do you be grateful when you feel so traumatized or broken?

Sometimes, and this has happened to me plenty, we get into a space in our head and we think about all the things we did wrong, all the mistakes we made, all the wrong paths we chose and of course all the trauma and heartache that has happened TO US, where we have felt hopeless.

A personal pity party... yaaaaayyy!!

Its not a good place, but it IS familiar.

It feels comfortable to be sad or broken or hopeless, especially if that is what you are used to.

I watched a video recently of a guy in Canada who went out and gave free hugs to people.

Some people like that stuff, others think it's crazy.

I happened to be the kind of people that love it.

Hugs have benefits. They reduce stress, protect against illness, make you happier, help with pain, etc. They also say 8 hugs a day is pertinent to happiness.

I’m lucky I get 8 hugs a month LOL. So this video really touched me.

The thing that moved me more is the sequence of events.

As the Youtuber starts out, the first few people he hugs, are pretty low key maybe even sad.

One guy talks about all the people that died in his life, but the more he gets hugs the higher he raises his vibration, the higher he raises his vibration the happier people he comes into contact with, until at the end he is matched with someone who needs his energy, his ability and his hug!

He helps a blind man cross the street, what could possibly be better?

Its amazing to see the sequence of events unfold.

Heartwarming actually.

And it was a reminder I needed!

Yes life can suck, Holidays can be hard for some of us.

BUT… we always always have a chance to change our vibration.

To shift our energy and attract better feeling experiences and relationships.

It can be done, its not that hard, I will practice what I preach!

Also, I am giving away free hypnosis sessions and other prizes.

Giving is such a great way to raise your vibration and the energy of the planet!

Please either subscribe to my email list or to my YouTube channel to be entered.

The drawing will take pace on 12/19/19 and winners will be posted and contacted.

Have a nice holiday, but more importantly, have a nice life!! :)

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