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Happy Galactic New Year

July 26th marks the beginning of a new 12 month cycle of our galaxy.

It also kicks off the opening of the Lions Gate Portal and if you don't know what any of this means, no worries, I'll fill ya in.

The Galactic New Year is a new Frequency, a new alignment, and mostly for us earthlings, a whole new world. (you absolutely must sing that part out loud).

This new frequency is that of The White Overtone Wizard, and if that sounds fun to you, then you are exactly where you should be.

Yes, us humans have been through a lot, but remember it is always our choice to be here, and things are going to start getting really good.

We welcome this new energy by opening up our chakras, especially our heart chakra and ALLOW, ACCEPT, and become AWARE of all the love around you. It is always flowing, it is always there. Tap in and tune into that beautiful love vibe, you just might be amazed at what shows up for you.

Now for the Lions Gate Portal Story, this happens every year so its not a once in a lifetime event however next year will be 8/8/8 (2024= 2+2+4=8) but lets not get ahead of ourselves (I'm a numbers person, so I'm pretty excited about that). So this means that the seeds we sow, the energy we create, and the next 12 month cycle is kinda a big deal.

On 8/8 we fall into galactic alignment. Our Central Sun, the connection to source energy for all conscious existence within our universe, Planet earth's Sun, the Earth, Sirius, and Orions Belt are in perfect coordination. The great pyramids of Egypt including the Great Pyramid of Giza are also in line with this universal arrangement. This is said to be the connection between worlds & dimensions. Powerful energy flowing between the physical and spiritual realms. Yay.

So if you find time to meditate more, focus upon your life you want to create, see yourself aligning with all this amazing energy from now until August 12th, really embrace all that the universe is blessing you with, you may see miracles popping up.

You are always safe, you are always protected and your abilities and gifts are far more powerful than you were ever led to believe.

If you feel called, please join me live on Long Island, Tues. 8/8 to celebrate this amazing alignment by the fire & with community.

Please RSVP so I can get an idea of who is coming and who to wait for and you will even get a coupon for my store products.

Live life full, as intended, always stop and smell the roses and Enjoy Your Journey.

AHo xoxo

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