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Good Grief

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Grief Healing and Recovery

"If you are in hell, keep going"

-Winston Churchill

Because why would you stop there???

Don’t give up

Grief is very much like that.

Why would you settle on being so sad and in pain?

A lot of the grief we feel from losing someone or something is regret or remorse.

What could I have done different? How could I have changed the outcome?

The hard-core answer to that question is you CANT.

To put it even blunter, why do you think you have that kind of control?

Who put you in charge? (aka Are you God?)

As a mother who watched my son die of cancer and went through a process of almost three years of in and out of hospital and surgery etc, feeling helpless was a pretty common occurrence. I had to release all control.

After my Lukey passed in 2020 I was riddled with regrets; I never should have done this and I never should have done that. I even went as far as to tell myself, oh if I would have moved when I wanted to, or if I wasn’t in that horrible relationship, etc.

Literally unraveling a huge entangled web of regret.

In my mind, as a single mother, I had ONE JOB TO DO.. keep my child alive and safe, and I couldn’t even do that.

However it wasn’t long before I allowed a change of thought.

When I remembered and revisited all the spiritual work I have done my whole life, what I had learned. The teachings and lessons from my Guru friends, Indigenous Tribes I was blessed to have sat with, even my Psychic Medium counterparts helped me recall the fact that we are not in charge here.

I knew that NOTHING I could have done would have changed these outcomes, so why beat myself up? That certainly isn’t what my family on the other side would want for me to be doing.

Death may seem like a mishap, or a fatal mistake, or consequence, but it is NOT.

I truly believe, and I have read many books to back this up, that we have our contracts and we decide when we leave.

(Book list at the end of this blog in case you are interested in reading)

No one is in charge of what other souls are here to do, aside from that Soul and Source.

Not our business really of when another enters into this realm and when they decide to leave. Yes we have children, but those souls that occupy that fetus are in agreement with their plan. Its all on purpose.

But what about people that kill others? Or purposely cause abuse or pain?

Yup, It's still a contractual plan, still an agreed upon experience.

The only thing that can change a plan is suicide.

Which we can talk about at another time.

But for now just know YOU are not in charge of keeping people alive, to an extent

Love, kindness and compassion is how we should move about the earth plane, connecting with each other in a unified energy is what keeps us all alive and thriving. Purposefully showing love and not being angry or careless is really all you have to do. The soul contracts, agreements, and plans will all unravel themselves, just enjoy the journey.

If you want more information on how to heal from grief, I have an upcoming two-part live event on July 11th & July 25th. We will discuss grief, how and what you can do to ease it, as well as understand it better. We will do a Live Hypnosis session in the last half of the call which will be available for you to keep.

If you need personal help or one on one sessions, as always reach out to me, text or email, and we can schedule a time to speak.

It’s not your fault what happened to you, but it is your responsibility to heal it.


Suggested books to read for help in grief and dying

Betty J. Eadie “Embraced by the Light”

Neale Donald Walsch “Home with God: In a Life That Never Ends”

Raymond Moody “Life after Life”

Dolores Cannon “The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth”

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