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Full Moon- Time to LET IT GO!

August ‘Harvest Moon’, yes each full moon has a nickname! And, as we embark on this Full Moon, keep in mind that the moon goes through cycles, just as we do. Since the Moon is connected to our emotions, intuition, feelings of security, and our creativity which all goes from new to full or darkness to light, so do we. Not everyone feels in his or her

power 100% of the time, however harnessing the Moon's energies can help you to focus on what is best for you during each cycle. In the words of the great Madonna, Getting into the Groove, is really where you can harness the best power and energies. Aligning with the moon cycles can only help you, and it can actually help you immensely! Of course, if you were born under a full moon, as I was, even more power to ya!!

Did you know the ancient Mayans and Egyptians used all of the powers from the Sun and the Moon? And before that the, somewhat controversial, people of Atlantis were so far developed they ONLY needed the Moon and the Sun’s energies! They used these energies to power their own abilities, as well as crystals and other items from the earth, to do everything from shed light to move mountains, literally.

So…to start to align with the moon cycles and harness the energy instead of going against it, the routine goes like this.

At the time of New Moon, when the moon is completely dark and looks as if its no where to be found, we go inside and heal and plant the seeds of our desires.

During the Full Moon cycle, we illuminate all that is not needed, wanted, nor in our best or highest interest, and we let it go.

Do you see what we do there?

New Moon- Dark, we go inside and manifest,

Full Moon- Light we clear out what no longer serves us so we can harvest the items we planted at the new moon.

It all works together. If you are just getting started and didn’t “plant” anything at the New Moon, no worries! Starting now and taking the time to clear out and release what no longer serves you is a great start. You are making room for what you truly want to be able to come in, we must make room and hold space for the things we desire. For instance, you want a new wardrobe, well then start clearing out what you don’t wear anymore, give it to good will, now you have space in your closet for what you DO want.

However, you don’t have to actually do any physical labor or throw away that shirt you will be looking for in 6 months from now, to reap these powers, you can do it much more easily than that.

And here’s how:

Get to a quite place and time where you have space to yourself, sitting on the earth under the full moon is absolutely best, but you can do this at anywhere during anytime of the the full moon (3 days +/- the time of the full moon)

Take a pen and paper and write down a few things you want to release. It can be anything from… “release blockages inhibiting me from creating abundance” “release worry or guilt” “release a relationship that no longer is right for me”

Take a deep breath in and out for about 5 minutes. Just breath and concentrate on the light of the moon, see it shining on you, your life, healing your body, see protecting energies surrounding you.

If you are able and have a fire pit or even a candle and a metal bucket, go ahead and take each paper, say to yourself or out loud “I release _________” Be Gone! And burn the pieces of paper. Burning is best but if you are not able, you can also rip it into tiny pieces and imagine it releasing into a vortex beneath the earths surface.

Thank the universe and extinguish your fire.

Take a deep breath in and exhale out, you are now on your way to harnessing the amazing energy of the cosmos!

Good Luck and drop me a note with any questions.

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