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What are you Attracting?

Every once in a while, sometimes even more than that, I try to take a step back and see what is going on around me. Who am I interacting with on a regular basis? What situations are being presented to me? How is the overall energy of my surroundings?

The reason I do this is because I am fully aware of our ability to create our own reality. So when I take the time to look around, it helps give me an idea of where my mind set is, what vibrations I'm giving off, and if anything needs to be adjusted.

Lets discuss... Everyone gets Mad, Sad, Happy, Depressed, Excited, Loving... but what is your consistent energy doing? What is the situations you are most attracting. When you go out, are you usually greeted by smiling people or does it seem like everyone is in a bad mood? Your close friends and their relationships with their significant others, is it a happy truthful one or are they talking bad about their partners or cheating or feeling stuck? Is your squad happy with their careers and abundant, or are they always short on money or maybe drinking all the time.

Yes, they say we should surround ourselves with people and situations we aspire to be, but also adjusting your thoughts and energies can bring about those exact relationships and encounters directly to you, like a magnet.

But HOW you ask?

If you see what is around you and you do not like what you are experiencing over and over for the most part, change your frequency. Turn your energy dial and tune into a different station. It really is that easy!

Here are a few quick ways to implement that adjustment.

Meditate- Even if it's for only FIVE minutes a day and all you do is sit in quite place and listen to one sound. Even if you get wrapped up in your favorite song or dance a jig. It doesn't matter, the point is to clear your conscious mind and not think about anything else. This is all you need to help attract and manifest your desires. It is lowering your resistance wall by clearing your conscious thoughts that guard you. Seriously, just try it for a few days/weeks.

Affirmations- You can write down things like, 'I work less hours and make more money'. Or perhaps 'All my relationships are loving and satisfying'. Maybe even 'I am on my path and love what I do'. If you cant, or don't want to, write then just repeat it in your head any chance you get. Your conscious and subconscious are listening and will start to attune.

Laugh - Get into that good feeling vibe. Put on a stupid movie, watch a comedian or a sitcom, read a funny book. Whatever it takes find a way to laugh. When you do this, you put yourself into alignment with better feeling thoughts and vibes. You are literally switching the channel to happiness, and remember like attracts like.

Whatever you do, don't settle for a mediocre experience here or live in unhappiness. You really do have the power to change anything and once you start aligning with what you truly love, you won't want to go back to feeling just bleh.

Live the Life You Love

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