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Why drive a Honda...

when all I ever really wanted was a Monster Truck? Life is hard. You work hard, you live your life, and you strive to do what is best for you, your family, your significant other right? But what is it that your heart truly desires? Do you want to be practical, sensible; do the right things for everyone in your life? Don’t you also want to feel that fire burning in your heart? Not settle for just getting by? This issue has come up a lot in the past few weeks, in sessions, in conversations with friends, and even in the bedroom. Where is your heart's passion?

I have always been the type of person fueled by passion. I am in love with the sport of hockey, it is exciting, fast moving, hard hitting, the fans are to say the least even, die hard and very loyal (ever been to Canada eh?). I am also Italian; they say we tend to be a bit passionate, capisce? But you don’t need to follow a grueling sport or be of a Mediterranean descent to feel that excitement and passion in your heart. I believe we all have that fire in our soul. As human beings, we grow up constantly brain washed, for lack of a better term (please don’t yell for my use of terminology I’m just trying to prove a point) into believing we have to do what is the right thing, instead of doing what we WANT to do. I just heard a story on the radio the other day that Taylor Swift’s Mum wanted her to be a horse back rider not a singer. Taylor had to push against her and go with her own heart to do what she felt was her passion. How many of us have let what we feel is right in our hearts die to please someone else? Stayed in a marriage? A job? A relationship or situation that we knew was in no way good for us nor was what our heart really desired? Made excuses that it was the “right” thing to do. Right for who?

Guess what, if you don’t put yourself first everyone loses!

So now back to my original question, why would I drive a Honda when all I wanted was a Monster Truck? Well you say the Honda is more affordable, better on gas, more economical, easier to take care of, better for the family so on and so on. Yeah I get it. BUT… this is the thing, the Monster truck is going to ignite in me what that Honda never can a day in its life. That truck, from the moment I step foot in it and start it up and hear it purr will lift me up. It will fill my heart with joy and excitement and passion, it will bring joy-filled tears to my eyes. I will be happy and proud. If I get it because it’s an ego status then that is a completely different ball field, but if I get it because I have wanted it from being a little girl with posters all over my room and the minute I see it my heart races and my palms get sweaty then yeah that is my passion, that is my desire, that is the fire burning in me. That is the fuel of life. That is what ignites your soul. You use that to build on. Those are the things you need to have in your life. You need to understand this simple fact, if you have the passion for it, the universe, your higher self, God whatever your belief is, will create the path for you. This path will then be paved for you, and you need to trust in that, that is why we have this fire burning. Now I’m using the Truck as an example but this is true for anything. A career you desire but feel you are not worthy of, guess what if that passion is in you, it was meant for you. Ever lock eyes with someone and your heart just drops to the floor and you never forget that day, maybe that’s the love of your life, your passion, go for it, don’t settle. This is what I am saying don’t settle. You have an emotional system set up in your body for a reason. USE IT! Learn how to navigate it and follow your passion!! You will never regret it. You will only regret not following it.

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