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Listening to your Inner Guidance!

How to listen to your inner guidance!

A lot of us may want to be able to talk to source (God, Universe, Inner Self) to connect with our divine guidance and of course answer any questions we feel inclined to know, BUT… a lot of us also don’t really know how to do that???

We all talk to ourselves in our head, most of us don’t even have nice things to say, but regardless, we usually have some sort of dialogue going on. This talk and inner dialogue is different than that of your inner guidance or spirit talking to you. You may very well get messages from your divine on occasion perhaps weekly, daily, or maybe even non-stop. The thing is… how do you know if it’s your own mind or that of your higher spiritual self. Well, here are some ways to tell the difference and get you started on receiving the information you need.

1. ASK!

First thing you need to do is acknowledging their existence and ask for guidance. We are all here in this 3D plane with our own path and free will. If we would like to start a dialogue with our higher selves, we must first ask them to assist us.

To do this clear your mind, I find that breathing in and holding your breath for a few seconds and releasing the air slowly can immediately relax you. Relaxing and clearing your mind releases resistance and enables the pathways for divine guided communication to occur. Clear your mind, receive your guidance.

Next just ask for guidance, you can say something simple like, dear divine inner knowledge, please clear out any resistance and allow me to receive your messages. I am asking that you guide me and I am allowing you to help me. Thank you.

2. Know the Difference

When we talk to ourselves in our head, we may talk as if we are in an actual conversation. When your higher self is communicating with you, it can come across as a message or an idea. This can sometimes just appear and all of a sudden you will know something, feel something, or have what seems like awareness out of no where. THAT is your higher self!

To tell the difference; if it is your ego or mind you will get answers or feelings that may come from anxiety or worry focused responses, it may make you feel uneasy or confused. When it is spirit, you will feel more peaceful and calm and it always comes from a place of love. For some of us, our higher-self voices can be very faint or low, we may not even hear them at all!! To increase the volume of your guidance voices, meditation is suggested. If you are new to meditation, check out my blog post here about how to start.

3. Pay Attention

Synchronicities, numerical patterns, animal guides, and unusual coincidences play a huge role when your spiritual self is trying to get messages to you. Have you ever come home and found a praying mantis on your screen door out of nowhere? How about noticing number patterns like 1111 or 222 or 1234 everywhere for a few days or weeks? (Once I went food shopping and my receipt was $111.11. J )

Maybe you were talking to someone about a purple hat you used to have and the very next day you see that same or similar hat somewhere. Things like this don’t just occur, it’s either our manifestation abilities or our higher guidance showing us something. Try to take a closer look at these things you may have overlooked before. Sometimes there could be messages in things you normally don’t pay attention to.

4. Wake Up

I don’t mean this in a spiritual sense, but yes of course it does help to be more spiritually aware. But even if you aren’t at that point in your life yet, doesn’t mean you cant hear your inner guidance. What I do mean is wake up in the morning and pay attention to what is on your mind. Did you have a dream where you only remember a few things? Do you have a song playing in your head? Do you wake in the morning with an idea that was not there the night before? If so, this is your inner guidance, your brain is in an alpha state upon first waking up. This means that you are more connected to you subconscious mind at this state, where your brain and conscious mind are awakening and emerging. You will still be able to hear your subconscious or guided thoughts at this time. Don’t ignore it, put a notebook by your bedside and write down things you first see or think. At first it may seem like nonsense, but it could very well make a lot of sense very soon. Keep at it; you will get your answers. To enhance your morning guided thoughts; ask your question or what it is your looking to be guided to, the night before. You will most likely wake up with the answers.

5. Start Writing

Journaling or note taking isn’t for everyone, however if you want to connect more directly to source and you have impending questions that you have no other way of answering, writing is a fantastic tool to receive your guidance. All you have to do is sit down with a pen and paper, do some controlled breathing as explained earlier and write down what it is that is on your mind and then wait for a response. Write down whatever comes to you. It can be easier to decipher once you have it written down. If you have to stop and think about it, that is not your higher self but your own ego mind talking. When you don’t have to think about it but just hear words that is what you need to write down because those are you messages.

I hope this helps guide you to connecting more to the power that lies within you! We all have unlimited guidance, knowledge, and abundance waiting for us, however it is up to you to consciously connect to it and allow it into your life! You CAN Do it and you CAN live the life you absolutely love!

Please contact me at with any questions.

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