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Meditation Made Simple

Meditation is a great practice to include in your daily life. It has been used for centuries and enables us the ability to create an inner space and clarity to help us control our mind. It also enables a direct connection with our inner selves, which some people search a life time for.

By meditating, we train our brain to remain in control, regardless of the circumstances in our lives.

Here you will find instructions on how to meditate so you can start your journey towards calm relaxation, mental clarity, overall sense of well being, and an alignment to your true self. Including this on a daily basis is beneficial, it is suggested to meditate after awakening before you start your day, or before you go to sleep at night.

Sit Comfortably with Your Back Supported

  • It is recommended to sit in a comfortable seat with good posture, however if you choose to lie down that is ok too.

  • Your back is straight but not tense

  • Put your hands facing up on your lap, putting the right hand in the left is recommended

  • Your mouth and teeth are unclenched and your tongue should sit against the back of your teeth, this helps to prevent excessive salvation

Remain Relaxed and Quiet the Mind:

  • Close your eyes and try to quiet the mind, some meditations use counting or focusing on your breath to help alleviate distraction

  • If a thought arises, which it will in the beginning, you can just think the thought and let it go, then focus back to your breathing or counting

  • You will be training yourself to not follow thoughts, sounds or distractions, this will come in time.

Focus on your Breathing:

  • Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth

  • As you inhale imagine breathing in health, happiness, white rays of light, blessings and inspiration, anything that will serve you well and allow it to fill you up

  • As you exhale, imagine breathing out any resistance, negativity, pain, sorrow, discomfort, in a black or gray smoke

When you have completed your meditation, give yourself an affirmation and bring yourself back to awareness. Make sure you get up slowly and keep breathing. You can think of this as a new beginning every time you complete a meditation, enabling you to go about your day in a positive way with your new tool to help combat stress or complications in your life. Enjoy!

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