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You might have heard about Mercury going into Retrograde, and how it can mess up your life when this feisty little planet looks to take a break a few times a year. Well I figured I would try to lighten things up a bit and focus on the positive aspects of retrograde session.

Here, will we take a look at how this rest period, that happens every 2-3 months, can be an upbeat progression in your life. Perhaps we can start

to look forward to this wonderful break instead of trying to hide from it.


The greatest thing about this planet going retro-period is the chance encounters, as well as planned meetings with old friends, relatives and yes, even lovers. Running into someone whom you haven’t seen, in what could be years, is a huge possibility during this time. We tend to hold special places in our heart and our energy centers for people we experienced high school with, old flames that used to burn bright or relatives whom we have shared many memories.

It’s exciting to look forward to seeing someone you haven’t seen in quite some time, and during Mercury’s retro phase, these encounters are an extreme possibility.


YES! It's time to slow down and focus on your goals.

Things may be a bit boring and stagnant for everyone and you might feel some impatience as if you are walking on a treadmill, going nowhere and getting nothing done. Just remember that this can be a wonderful time for planning and research.

So... embrace it! It can make a world of difference and really help you to use your thinking cap. Take some time away from the hustle and bustle and brainstorm ideas that you were maybe too busy to ponder at other times.

This retro period is a great time for putting ideas out to the universe, dont sign any contracts or put those plans into motions just yet, but behind the scenes planning and manifestations is ideal at this time.


Traveling can be difficult with delays and detours during retrograde season, but if use this time to take care of yourself, you will benefit ten-fold. Vacation or time off can simply mean sleeping in, eating a good breakfast, getting out in nature, laying in the sun, listening to music, or starting (and finishing) that book you wanted to read.

All these things great attributes to Mercury retrograde season, as (you will feel like) you have more time to appreciate the time doing things that heal your soul. Your computer at work or that meeting you needed to plan are probably not going to work out the way you wanted anyway, so why not just go with the flow!

Clean out that Closet We all tell ourselves I will get to it one day. The basement, the Attic, The spare closet or bedroom, perhaps even your car!

Well guess what, cleaning out those cluttered spaces now is an excellent idea. Not only will you have the mind set for it, as your energy may be more relaxed and slowed down, clearing away items you dont need will only help you! We may want to manifest something in your life like a new partner, more abundance, a new car or home.

The universe can't provide it for you if you do not have the energetic space for it.

So clear it all away, make space in your bedroom for a new lover, clear out and appreciate the car you have now, put up some new curtains in your home, all these things will help you and actually bring what you want even quicker!


Lastly, the best thing about Mercury retrograde is… all the things that you didn’t have time to attend to, or have basically ignored, will probably be ringing your doorbell to remind you of your unfinished business.

Mercury has a habit of pulling out all the items in your closet you were trying to hide.

So why not finish writing that book, schedule that doctor’s visit, or get the inspection done on your car.

This is the time to clean up your plate and feel even better about yourself!

It’s not time to hide like I used to think. The more you push against something more strength you give it.

Don’t fight it, align with it. Make it your friend, join forces and become an even greater force than you already are.

With the Magical and Powerful Mercury on your side, the world is your oyster! Enjoy it!!

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