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Hello Friend

My name is Fillipo or Gentle Hawk, I'm here to help inspire you to grow, love & heal, through Communicating, Sacred Medicine & Ceremonies. You will be  guided to acknowledge your own reality and where you fit in this co-creative world we are experiencing at this present moment. I am glad you decided to join us and look forward to the amazement unfolding for us all. Aho 

Pleased to Meet You


Gentle Hawk takes the medicine journey very

seriously; protection and safety is imperative for

each individual. Serving medicine with honor,

integrity, transparency and guidance will allow you

to feel completely shielded as you let go of all your

inhibitions, fears, old versions of yourself and the false

belief narratives.  Sacred medicine is a journey in connecting to the divine love

of the universe as well as within you. The divine light is what each of us is truly searching for whether we realize it or not. That one thing we search for internally, how we connect with the world, how we feel in this universe, and how to come back to Oneness and Unity. We look within our core for this deep healing opening up our hearts greater than we could have ever imagined. In doing so you are sure to see things with a different perspective, through the veil of love, you will have been gifted your eternal rose colored glasses.

Gentle Hawk is a Reiki Master, Sound Practitioner and an Interfaith Minister.  He has been on his own healing journey since he was a child, experiencing emotional trauma including 3 near death experiences. This has paved the way for his own curiosity into what else is out there, what can we create, how can we

heal, and who is helping & guiding us. Those questions

have been answered through long visits sitting with his

elders, practicing sound healing, sitting in ceremony

and sacred medicine, even his own personal life has

contributed greatly to his healing abilities.

Gentle Hawk has been sharing this

medicinal remedy for over ___ years

and he invites you to join in on the voyage.


Sound Baths     are an ancient healing modality that has been used to enter deeper states of meditation and higher consciousness. The vibrations and sound frequencies wash over you, bringing your body back into harmony & alignment, while penetrating & purifying your cells. A cleansing sound bath helps restore you back to your truest self, allowing re-calibration to our natural state of being. The ceremonial energy, participants and the planetary alignments are always changing therefore allowing each bath a unique experience, restoring the natural flow of joy, peace & abundance. As each Sound Bath carries its own personalized signature & attunement, you can be assured it will fill your own soul with exactly what is needed. A beautiful & exceptional shared sacred experience.

Image by Julio Lopez
Image by Dev Benjamin

Reiki Healing  is the Japanese   

art of energy healing. "Reiki”, is explained as "Rei," meaning "universal soul," and "Ki," meaning "energy”; Universal Soul Energy, which we all possess. The practice of Reiki allows the practitioner to act as a guide or mediator to assist in the clients flow of energy by removing blocks, enhancing relaxation, and restoring balance to the mind, body and spirit. The healing energy of Reiki brings deep relaxation and revitalization with this new energy movement.  Drinking plenty of water is recommended before and after Reiki Sessions and it can be used as a precursor or in conjunction with other healing modalities or medicines.

Kambo & Bufo   are known

as Frog Medicine because they are derived from actual frogs, however they are each quite different, here’s why.

        From the forest of Brazil, Kambo is the secretion of one of the largest Hylid frogs known as the Giant Green Monkey Tree Frog.  This Secretion is applied topically over superficial burns or "gates" on the body, usually the left arm due to its close proximity to the heart and lymphatic system which helps the passing of the medicine.  During a session you are cleansed physically, most people experience purging and sweating, as well as energetically in clearing out the toxins throughout your body and energy centers. 

Bufo, or Bufao Alvarius is a desert dwelling toad which skin secretions contain the

psychedelic tryptamines 5-MeO-DMT and Bufotenin. These chemicals affects the brain by inducing visionary hallucinations that are believed to be both transformatively healing and deeply spiritual. In a ritual setting, Bufo is smoked for this psychedelic effect which is used to initiate vision quests, reconnect with Spirit, and experience holistic unity.

While Bufo is used for its spiritually enlightening, Kambo has scientifically proven physical healing effects including boosting  immune system, ease symptoms of withdrawal, aid depression, anxiety, PTSD, and even combat cancer, while ridding the body of toxins that commonly foster these issues. Producing spiritual/emotional healing through the process is a major benefit.

Kambo and Buro are both excellent ways to start or strengthen your journey & healing!

Image by Zdeněk Macháček
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