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Energy Healing Sessions

Remote Energy Healing Sessions are perfect for: 

~ Clearing Blockages
~ Pain Relief
~ Rejuvenate Cells

~ Better Rest

~ Improved Health

~ Increased Intuition 

~ Realign with your Gifts

~ Alignment & Increased Vibration

Energy Healing Sessions are 1 hour - 1 ½ hours 

and done Via Zoom or Phone

You only need a quite place to sit or lay down

Session starts with a meditation to clear and align your chakra centers,

ground your physical body and connect you to Source.

After that I will scan the existing energy in your body and make notes of what I encounter.

I then work through your higher power to clear and heal any disconnections, pain or trauma. 

Any messages or instructions I receive I will make notes of and we will discuss after the session. 

After I complete all the healing that is possible,  I will then bring you back to full conscious awareness.

You will be given a meditation to listen to every night until our next session or 21 days. 

3 Sessions are Recommended , 1 x a week for 3 weeks.

You will experience shifting and purging, etc during the course of these sessions as your energy changes.  I also offer Spiritual Counseling, in addition, if additional support is needed.