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Weight Loss & Body Image Hypnosis 

Why Hypnosis?

  • Hypnosis is 93% MORE effective than other modalities
  • Zoom Sessions Available from the comfort of your OWN home
  • Increase Energy
  • Change Eating Habits
  • Love your Body
  • Get recordings to use daily
  • Easily & Effortlessly Shed Extra Pounds

In as little as 21-Days

you can be on your way to a


Isn't it Time you Lived the Life You Love?


Get Started


Diet Plan

3-Session Program

3 Session Program to get you on track to losing weight
& loving your Body
Easily and Effortlessly with Hypnosis!  
Session One

Let's Clear it Out!!

We start here & work on clearing out your (imaginary) food pantry, getting rid of cravings & addictions of the sweet, salty and just overall unhealthy food items!

We are also going to energetically, hypnotically form your New Body! 

Listen to this track every day first thing in the morning or last thing at night (or both!) to get Your Mind, Your Subconscious and Your Body on the New Path! 

Fresh Vegetables in Basket
Session Two

Remove Blocks!

Welcome to the Second Week of  your New Life! Here we are going to clear        out any and all blocks that have              been holding you back or preventing you from obtaining the body you have always dreamed of!!

Time to let this go and release your fears, worries and comfortablity with your weight!

You Deserve to Feel Good, Look Good and be Healthy!

Image by Nick Fewings
Each Session is Paired with Loving your Body
and being happy in your Own Skin 
Sessio Three

Let's Get Physical!

Now lets work on giving your metabolism a boost...
Your body is controlled by your
mind so lets work on creating
exactly what you want and how you 
want it to perform. 
You will be burning those unwanted calories easily! 
Get that motivation to be more physical and conscious of all your activities!
With Hypnosis you will be burning calories around the clock! 
Image by Bruno Nascimento

LOVE to Exercise!

As a BONUS- I am including

my Joy to Exercise Hypnosis Track that you can listen to anytime during the program. Suggestion is to use it in ADDITION to the weekly tracks and not in lieu of, as it is designed to help support this program and get into a happy & Healthy state of mind when it comes to your body and habits!

You will feel so much better and feeling good in no time!

Image by Noah Silliman
3- Week Program to get you on track to losing weight
Easily and Effortlessly from the comfort of your OWN home!  


Nicole, NYC

Lost 10 pounds in my first 3 weeks of sticking to the Program! 

So Easy and Simple and the recordings were wonderful! Thank you!

Gregg, Massapequa, LI

Was considering Bypass Surgery but tried this first and I am so happy that I did! So much better for my body! Still going strong!

Marissa, Greenport LI

Definitely recommend  this program it was simple and Danielle helped me 100% stay on track! 

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