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Change Your Life

Abandonment Trauma

Healing Program

Are you

Unable to Attract the Love you Desire?

Do you

Attract Relationships that are Painful?

Have you

been In & Out of Therapy  but nothing Seems to Help?

Do you

Experience High Anxiety

for no Reason?

Do you

have an Intense Fear of Being Rejected or Abandoned?

Do you
have a Problem with Sabotaging your Own Hard Work?

Do you Suffer with Abandonment Issues?

~Be Happy Now
~End Self Sabotage

~Release Stored Pain and Trauma
~Improve Self Esteem & Self Respect
~End Depression & Anxiety
~Repair Relationships
~Attract Abundance
~Clear Co-Dependent Issues

~Finally Feel Safe & Secure
And Much Much More...

You Can


In Just SIX Sessions

Now that we have healed all that bagged and cleared the path with love, acceptance & understanding, now we an lay a NEW foundation. We do intense chakra work and start awakening our kundalini power and gifts. Cut cords and rebuild cords within each of our chakra centers. This is a deep healing session, but you did work for it. 

We also look at your life goals, what are the things that truly make you happy, this could change through the course of the program.

The Rebuilding Session

Session Four

Finally we are now able to let go of all that anger and resentment so you can step out of that victim mode. Allowing the law of attraction to work for you instead of against you. Laying down a new sense of self while shinning light on our shadow self so we may embrace and love all of who we are. Releasing these feelings of anger, resentment,

maybe even hatred, so they don’t overtake your life. We want to prevent being pushed backwards, as holding onto anger can inhibit

you from moving forward.

We are writing your new story now!

The Forgiveness Session

Session Five

We end with another easy session. Focusing on being

proud of you and what you are ALL THE TIME! You have done and are doing the work, this is time for rejoicing!

We let your shadow and light self - your whole and

complete you- to come together in harmony and 'ill you with contentment, alignment, eagerness and wholeness. Living in your truth, power and most importantly Love! It’s a Whole New World, Maintaining a high vibrational frequency to align with all your truest desires (new and old) so that these desires continue to flow in easily and effortlessly.

The Happiness Session

In our first session, we start our journey together by opening up the passageways to a healthier new you. We all need a little nudge to push forward and most times, people dealing with trauma issues are low in the self-confidence department. Self esteem, Self Respect and Self Confidence are intertwined throughout this program, but here we focus solely on that to pave the way forward.

The Self Esteem Session

Session One

Here we clear out intense past hurt and pain. Whether something in your life has triggered hurt and sorrowful feelings, or you live with this every day, these wounds are actually from past issues and will continue to be brought up over and over, if not healed. Clearing feelings of helplessness & dependency, enabling you to build a clean, strong, solid foundation in your life. 

The Clearing Session

Session Two

Abandonment issues are defined as a lack of appropriate supervision, 

denial of your basic needs and/or love during childhood development.

Abandonment Trauma is a fear that we will be left alone with no one 

to protect, care or love us.

No one will meet our most basic but urgent needs of

Food, Shelter, Clothing, Love, &/or Safety


Here's How it Works;

What IS Abandonment Trauma?


I am doing so well! I did not expect what I uncovered with my father, it facilitated so much healing and growth both personally and in our relationship. It is what I needed most at that time and I appreciate that! 


She's an incredibly kind person, and she's amazing at what she does. I'd trust her with more than hypnosis, I'd trust her with my life!
She goes above and beyond with her practice.

~ Erik

Thank you again Danielle. I had such a great time today I’m already feeling better if that’s even possible?!!

~ Marcella

Program Session Options

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1:1 Private Sessions


Work together 1:1 private

in- person or Zoom Sessions. We process each session at your own pace and timeline. 

Live Support between sessions, Hw and Recorded Sessions Included

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Work on your own with

Digital Sessions Delivered to your inbox weekly. Go at your own pace.

HW & recordings included.

Option to add 1:1 Sessions or Caching calls to this program. 

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Group Sessions


Work together on Zoom Group Calls. Join Sessions Scheduled on a weekly basis.

Live Support between sessions, Hw and Recorded Sessions Included

Option to Add 1:1 Sessions or Caching calls to this program.

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