Abandonment Healing
  • Be Happy NOW!
  • End Self Sabotage
  • Improve Self Esteem
  • Attract Your Desires
  • Stop Co-Dependency
  • Release Addictions

   YES!! You Can:

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Dealing with Grief


Trauma Healing Program 

In as little as 21-Days

you can be on your way to a


Isn't it Time you Lived the Life You Love?


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6- Session Program Designed to take you on a Journey to  
Clear, Heal, and Rebuild!
Session One

The Self Esteem Session!

Begin with The Basics... 

Experience this gentle Hypnosis Session to lead you on the path to Self Love.  In this session, we focus on reprograming your Subconscious Mind and planting new seeds of unconditional Love for YOU from YOU! 

For most of us, this could be something we have never experienced before.  You will not only start to feel the black clouds lift, but feel more hopeful, confidant, and ready to move in the direction of healing!

Your Journey has begun!

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Session Two

The Clearing Session

Get Rid of this Stuff!

In this Session, we clear out all old past hurt and pain. Some of these intense feelings you may be living with every day. Wounds from Childhood, PTSD, Trauma, Abandonment, even Loss and Grief can all take a toll if not healed properly. Making your Day-to-Day life that much more difficult! You will experience much needed relief in finally clearing out old feelings of helplessness, dependency, victim-hood. This process will be used to build a new, strong, solid foundation in your life. 

This will also aid to keep you focused on being in the NOW, while releasing all unwanted debris. This is extremely helpful in clearing addictions. 

Throwing Sand

"After Only 2 Sessions,

I felt better than after 5 years in the PsychoTherapist Office!"   ~Rob H.

Session Three

The Healing Session

Let's Grow!

Now we focus on breaking down your core beliefs of not being deserving or feeling worthy! That nagging feeling in your gut or thought in the back of your mind saying... "This will never work, or I'll never get that job, money, relationship...etc.​" Regardless of how we acquired these beliefs, allowing them to carry on,  results in continual self sabotage and broken relationships
and/or goals.
For most of us, we are used to giving everything we have yet receiving nothing in return.  Here we  realign and reprogram those beliefs so you can move forward with an equal exchange of energy in all of your interactions and relationships while growing your self worth!
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"I have been everywhere and tired EVERYTHING! I just figured I will never be abundant, nor have a healthy relationship, just hated myself and my life.  I didn't realize it was all because I was abused as a child. I didn't